Inside the Cover: Part of the challenge for the Editor and the Production Manager is to select a suitable cover for each issue. We try to reflect in some way the contents and themes arising from the issue. Covid -19, has already featured in the previous issue but the central issue that is before us at the time of publishing this issue is the challenge of vaccinating populations across the world and in our case across the Asia Pacific.

This is the major challenge for all countries and health systems. Hence our cover conveys a simple message of ‘The best vaccine you can have is the one you can have now’ superimposed with an infographic with copyright recognized to WHO that reinforces that simple message. In a world overwhelmed with messages and at times conflicting advice it is important that we as health professionals can deliver clear, simple and reassuring messages to ensure the vaccination stage of addressing Covid-19 is successful.

In adopting this cover, we also recognize the expertise and assistance provided on this occasion by the Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network (PHN), This network is typical of organisations created by the Australian Department of Health, the Minister for Health, and the national government to support and develop primary healthcare services across Australia. PHNs have been central, along with other health organisations at State and Federal level in supporting the Australian response to the pandemic and the current vaccination of at-risk groups and communities in general.

Published: 2021-06-27

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Dr David Briggs AM


Community Clinic in Bangladesh: Empowering women through utilization and participation

Baizid Khoorshid Riaz, Sk Akhtar Ahmad, Md Ziaul Islam, Liaquat Ali