Reliability and Validity of the Malay Version of Mindful Organizing Scale Amongst Nursing Staff

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Muhammad Shoaib Saleem
Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha
Yuzana Mohd Yusop
Maheen Iqbal Awan


Aim: This study tested the reliability and validity of the 9-item Mindful organizing scale and safety performance scale in the sample of private hospital nurses in different states of Malaysia.

Methods: Mindful Organizing scale and safety behavior scale were translated into Bahasa Malaya. To accomplish this task, the survey was conducted of 475 registered nursing staff in different states of Malaysia in 2020 through a self-administered questionnaire. For convergent and discriminant validity of our research variables, we used the Structural equation modeling (SEM) technique with the help of SPSS AMOS 21. A confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), reliability analysis, and analysis of aggregation through intra-class correlation coefficients indices were also carried out.

Results: Our results testified the unidimensional structure of the mindful organizing scale as well as for safety performance both indicators, and exhibited satisfactory internal consistency for both mindful organizing and safety performance. Also, the aggregation of scores to the team level was well under the prescribed limit.

Conclusions: We are confident to establish that the Malay version of the mindful organizing and safety performance scales has shown to be a reliable and valid measure that can measure collective mindfulness and safety behavior amongst nursing staff. Our translated version can be used in other high-reliability organizations (HROs) in this cultural context and other industries that also want to achieve reliability in their operational performance.

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Saleem, M. S., Isha, A. S. N. ., Yusop, Y. M., & Awan, M. I. (2021). Reliability and Validity of the Malay Version of Mindful Organizing Scale Amongst Nursing Staff. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 16(3), 217-227.
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