Relationship Quality in Geriatric Healthcare Delivery: A sustainable model

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Sindhu Joseph


Objective: This study is undertaken to examine geriatric relationship quality in healthcare delivery in Kerala. Drawing the hypothetical relationship, a model for elderly geriatric healthcare delivery to be developed.

 Methods:  A Structural Equation Modelling technique, based on a positivist approach, was employed to analyse the association between relationship quality and geriatric healthcare delivery. The data was collected from 405 elderly people in Kerala between June 2020 and November 2020.

 Results: A consistent empirical model of predictive relationships between the hypothesized variables was found, and a geriatric relationship quality healthcare model was developed.  Service quality has emerged as a significant determinant of relationship quality. Even though patient centricity is not hypothetically related to relationship quality, it is a significant determinant of service quality.

 Conclusion: Geriatric healthcare management must consider relationship quality as a prominent factor while evaluating the quality of healthcare delivery as it is the outcome of all the structural and procedural aspects.

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Joseph, S. (2021). Relationship Quality in Geriatric Healthcare Delivery: A sustainable model. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 16(2), 65-74.
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