Aggression As a Predictor of General Well-Being Among Public Health Workers

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Anurekha K Tharumiya
Preetha Menon
Manikandan MK Manicka
Nandhini C


Social atrocities and discrimination make sanitary workers vulnerable to aggression which in turn disrupts their well-being. The issues concerning the psychological health of sanitary workers have been addressed less by researchers. The present study aimed to assess the level of aggression and general well-being among sanitary workers.

An aggression questionnaire, consisting of four dimensions, namely physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility was used. The PGI general well-being measure and personal profile sheet consisting of socio-demographic details was given to 150 sanitary workers who were selected through purposive sampling method.

The dimensions of aggression- anger and hostility were negatively correlated with the general well-being of the participants. Amongst the four dimensions of aggression, anger is found to be the predictor of general well-being.

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Tharumiya, A. K., Menon, P., MK Manicka, . M. ., & C, N. . (2022). Aggression As a Predictor of General Well-Being Among Public Health Workers. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 17(2).
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Preetha Menon, Amrita University, Kochi, India

Assistant Professor, Amrita University, Kochi,  India