Beyond the Numbers: on the road to achieving public value in community support organisations

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Fiona Girkin
Elizabeth Shannon
Craig Zimitat
Kate-Ellen Elliot


Objective: To explore public value as a management tool for measuring outcomes, in Community Support Organisations (CSOs) and determine if further research is warranted.

Design: A literature review on public value and outcome measurement in the community service sector was conducted to evaluate how public value best fits with CSOs.

Setting: Public value has not previously been applied to measuring outcomes in CSOs and could provide beneficial information to assist in obtaining government funding as fiscal resources decline.

Main outcome measures: The following question was considered; Can a public value framework be used as a management tool by CSOs to measure the value of their service? A flow chart applying a public value framework to outcome measurement of CSOs was developed.

Results: Key elements identified were indicators, measures and outcomes. Stakeholders included; government, community sector, CSOs and consumer. A public value framework has the potential to be used for measuring outcomes in the community sector however realworld application is still required.

Conclusion: This study provided preliminary application for a larger study and has provided evidence of a public value framework having the potential to be applied as an outcome measurement tool for CSOs.

Abbreviations: CSO – Community Support Organisation

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Girkin, F., Shannon, E., Zimitat, C., & Elliot, K.-E. (2017). Beyond the Numbers: on the road to achieving public value in community support organisations. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 12(3), 41-45.
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Fiona Girkin, University of Tasmania

Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Elizabeth Shannon, University of Tasmania

School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Craig Zimitat, Curtin University

Curtin Learning and Teaching, Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kate-Ellen Elliot, University of Tasmania

Wicking Dementia Research and Education, School of Psychology, University of Tasmania  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.