Health Equity Enabled Through Leadership

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Dr Mark Avery


The first issue of the journal for 2023 provides original research and review works across a range of issues and topics relevant to leaders and managers in the health, aged and social care sectors. The relationship between resources, capabilities, value and their relevance to healthcare and its enablement has been demonstrated in enabling organisation and system performance and contribution. Clinical care and associated access for those living and working in rural and remote settings continues as an important factor in relation to quality and access to care in Australia. These can have different geographic impact. Any health system needs to continually consider the growth and development of the coming generation of leaders and managers and therefore critical to that responsibility our issues about leading and leadership development. Our health systems need an appropriate and proportionate balance between issues and elements of service and learning support for those providing care......

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Avery, M. (2023). Health Equity Enabled Through Leadership. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 18(1).