The Evolving Role of Aged Care Managers in Australia: A content analysis of aged care manager job descriptions

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Stewart Alford
Sarah Barter
Al Qaf'an Ehmaidy
David Lim


Aged care management roles have evolved over the last decade from a focus on clinical skills to encompassing governance, business, facilities and service management skills. The role requirements have changed in response to the 2021 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety findings [1], which were echoed in the 2022 NSW Parliamentary Committee report into health outcomes and access to health and hospital services in rural, regional and remote NSW [2]. Both reports identified workforce issues impacting on the management of aged care services and a need to improve governance, financial management, and service management. The reports indicated the breadth of the contemporary aged care manager role, the skill gap between traditional clinician-managers, and possibilities for appropriately trained non-clinical health services managers.

Recruiting and retaining skilled aged care managers is a critical issue facing a sector that was already experiencing significant ‘churn’ prior to the burnout associated with the COVID-19 pandemic [3]. This paper, informed by a market-orientated job skill valuation approach [4], reviewed 100 consecutive aged care management position descriptions advertised on public media between October and December 2020. Content analysis of each position description was conducted to identify key competencies, specific skills, experiences, and personal attributes required of managers of aged care services in Australia.

Our study identified five main themes relating to aged care manager competencies: (i) interpersonal communication, (ii) organisational and time management, (iii) quality improvement, (iv) business development, and (v) leadership and human resources. These competencies are congruent with the revised Australasian College of Health Service Management competency domains and action competencies [5].

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Alford, S., Barter , S., Ehmaidy , A. Q., & Lim, D. (2024). The Evolving Role of Aged Care Managers in Australia: A content analysis of aged care manager job descriptions. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management.
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Stewart Alford, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

1. School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

2. School of Health Sciences, Western Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia