The Relationship Between the Quality of Health Services and Tuberculosis Patients' Satisfaction at The Palu City Health Center

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Oktiza Dwi Rianti
Amran Razak
Sukri Palutturi
Alwy Arifin
S Stang
Syamsuar Manyullei


Introduction: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is still a global concern, and most sufferers are of productive age. Factors for treatment failure are usually related to treatment supervision and the quality of health services. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between the quality of health services and the level of satisfaction of tuberculosis patients at the Palu City Health Center.

Methods: This research is quantitative research with cross sectional study conducted on 116 respondents. The instrument used in this research is a questionnaire. The analysis in this study used the Chi-Square and Multiple logistic regression.

Results: The results of the analysis showed that availability (p<0.001), respect and caring (p<0.001), safety (p<0.001), timeliness (p<0.001) and tangible (p<0.001) were associated with tuberculosis patient satisfaction. The multivariate analysis found that timeliness (p=0.002; OR=17.692) was the most dominant factor in influencing patient satisfaction.

Conclusions: Availability, respect and caring, safety, timeliness, and tangibles are related to the satisfaction of tuberculosis patients. Timeliness service is the most dominant factor influencing the satisfaction of tuberculosis. Palu City Health Center are expected to continue to make efforts to improve health services by health workers in the TB program to increase comfort and improve patient health.

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Rianti, O. D., Razak, A. ., Palutturi, S. ., Arifin, A. ., Stang , S., & Manyullei, S. . (2023). The Relationship Between the Quality of Health Services and Tuberculosis Patients’ Satisfaction at The Palu City Health Center. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 17(3).
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