COVID-19 And Palliative Care: A bibliometric analysis

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Suraj Kushe Shekhar


COVID-19 continues to disrupt the life of people worldwide. One of the most vulnerable sections affected by the pandemic is very old and seriously ill people. The present study provides a detailed analysis of the trends in the global scientific production on COVID-19 and palliative care. An analysis of the documents searched from the Scopus database was interpreted by Biblioshiny, an R-based software for bibliometric analysis. A descriptive examination of sources, authors, and records was done, and network analysis of conceptual, intellectual, and social structures. The research revealed ongoing research on this topic in the recent two years. The United States, the UK, India, and Spain have all done extensive research on the subject. The study's findings may aid medical practitioners and policymakers in focusing on critical sections in palliative care in the context of COVID-19. The study also identifies crucial areas in the chosen issue and guides future researchers on developing themes, contexts, and possible collaborations.

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Shekhar, S. K. (2023). COVID-19 And Palliative Care: A bibliometric analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 18(1).
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