Understanding Workplace Spirituality in Health Care Systems: Practice and challenges

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Harshita Soni
Chitra Soni
Brijesh Singh


Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this paper is to make an enquiry into work place spirituality in health care systems. Based on a theoretical study of spirituality and its growing importance in health care systems; workplace spirituality is discussed with doctors and elements of spirituality which are applied in treating patients are identified. The study has also explored the individual level and system level challenges while practicing spirituality through the identified elements in the health care systems.

Methodology adopted: This is an inductive form of research which involved enquiry into the existing literature of spirituality and further records the focused discussions of doctors for capturing the idea of spirituality in health care systems, identification of elements of spirituality and implementation challenges of spiritual elements in health care systems.

Findings:  The idea of spirituality in healthcare systems includes the trust and belief in supreme power, peace of mind, spiritual care and identifying spirituality as an asset. Gratitude and prayers, counseling, inclusion of the yogic techniques and investment of self in the work are identified as elements of spirituality in healthcare systems. Analysis of data also implied challenges in implementation of spirituality in health care systems.

Practical implications: The findings of the study have identified the elements of spirituality in health care systems not addressed in the previous research. The present study suggests to consider the emotional labor and stress of the doctors developed in the treatment process as the role of doctors is crucial in maintaining the integral health of patients. The implementation challenges of spiritual practices in health care systems are also discussed.

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Soni, H., Soni, C., & Singh, B. . (2023). Understanding Workplace Spirituality in Health Care Systems: Practice and challenges. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 18(2). https://doi.org/10.24083/apjhm.v18i2.1701
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