Evaluation of the State-Wide Implementation of an Allied Health Workforce Redesign System: Utilisation of the Calderdale Framework

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Tilley Pain
Sarah Patterson
Pim Kuipers
Petrea Cornwell


Background: Increasing demand for allied health services is driving workforce redesign towards greater productivity within budgetary constraints. To date, there has been limited research into workforce redesign tools at an organisational level. The aim of this article was to evaluate an implementation of The Calderdale Framework for state-wide service delivery workforce redesign within allied health settings across Queensland.

Method: A multi-phase methodology with mixed methods of data collection was used. This included analysis of documents, staff surveys, and semi-structured, in-depth interviews with staff from work units utilising the Framework across the state.

Findings: The primary mechanisms for implementation were staff training and provision of centralised resources. Across the state, all health services engaged in training and most completed associated workforce redesign projects. However, the number and type of projects varied across the state as did the successful projects. Feedback from staff indicated the structured nature of the framework was viewed positively, but was time intensive to perform. Local contextual factors heavily influenced workforce redesign success.

Conclusion: Key factors pertaining to state-wide workforce redesign include: providing coordinated and centralised systems to support staff, ensuring adequate training, prioritising the development of key local staff, and proactively managing local contextual factors.

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Pain, T., Patterson, S., Kuipers, P., & Cornwell, P. (2018). Evaluation of the State-Wide Implementation of an Allied Health Workforce Redesign System: Utilisation of the Calderdale Framework. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 13(3), i20. https://doi.org/10.24083/apjhm.v13i3.121
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Tilley Pain, Townsville Hospital and Health Service

Townsville Hospital and Health Service - Allied Health Governance Office, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

James Cook University College of Healthcare Sciences  - Public Health, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Sarah Patterson, Metro South Hospital and Health Service

Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Logan Central Community Health Centre
Woolloongabba, Queensland

Pim Kuipers, Griffith University

Griffith University Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Nathan, Queensland, Australia

Petrea Cornwell, Griffith University

Griffith University - Logan Campus, Meadowbrook, Queensland, Australia