Yogic Interventions for Psycho-Physical Well-Being Under Covid-19 Times & After

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Nishtha Malik
Aditi Sharma


Health indeed is Wealth. The Corona Virus Pandemic has impacted the best health-care systems world-wide; even as the world grapples with the massive loss of human life causing pain to millions. The Pandemic is no more just a medical health challenge; it has thrown up spiritual and emotional challenges as it is affecting our belief system. 

Prevention is Better than Cure is the mantra. Since, there is no allopathic medicine solution available; people are adopting various measures like social distancing and personal sanitization. There is an urgent need to assist the individuals to take all the preventive measures possible to boost their immunity, improve the respiratory system, and lessen the anxiety, stress, and depression. It can be difficult to not feel anxiety and sometimes panic over the coronavirus outbreak, with the onslaught of updates on news and social media.

 Yoga has emerged as the perfect tool that an individual can follow to establish physical, mental, and spiritual balance to develop robust health and combat physical and emotional challenges. Yoga offers another path, a fresh perspective with which to deal with events that are beyond our control. The different asanas of yoga can help us to prevent COVID-19 by boosting our immune system and managing the stress that one is going through in this time of uncertainty.

This study tries to specifically evaluate the impact of the preventive measures undertaken through Yoga practice. 126 respondents from different states of India were requested to perform yoga daily for 30 days. Significant changes were observed and are mentioned in detail. 

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Malik, N., & Sharma, A. (2020). Yogic Interventions for Psycho-Physical Well-Being Under Covid-19 Times & After. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 15(3), 80-88. https://doi.org/10.24083/apjhm.v15i3.433
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Nishtha Malik, Amity University Jharkhand

Amity University Jharkhand, India

Aditi Sharma, Amity University, Jharkhand, India

Currently working as Assistant Professor Amity University, Jharkhand in the Department of Psychology. She has a Masters degree in Psychology & a Post graduate diploma in Counseling Psychology.
Earlier she was a trainer in the European Union funded project ERASMUS+ wherein mentally subnormal adolescents were sensitized to main stream society in Romania, Spain & Turkey. She has also been working in the field of capacity building, Counseling & Stress Management for trafficked and abused Tribal & Non Tribal Women & Girls in Jharkhand since 2000.